Community Unleashed
We’re a team of experts in design and data science fascinated by the problems civic, business, and community leaders face when trying to engage with large groups of people.


In our experience developing innovative products across many industries, gathering early and honest feedback is an activity that’s universally recognized as important but is still far to often over looked for the practical constraints of time and cost. This phenomena is no different for businesses and local governments, many when asked know the incredible benefits being in touch with their community of users and constituents can have, but for many doing so is to much of a labor intensive or expensive process.


That’s where we come in. By making reaching the audience they need easy and adding automated analysis of the quick replies, we make it possible to connect with your community the way you’ve always dreamed of.



Easily and quickly get the pulse of your community with scheduled or ad hoc surveys


Keep your team engaged and morale high by regularly soliciting their input


Take the risk out of your go to market strategy by getting the feedback you need before it's too late


Get ahead of public sentiment about your project or policy by informing and learning from your constituents


Stop guessing what your audience wants to read by getting their input for story and article ideas


Target areas immediately after a crime is reported to get the leads you need without going door to door
Parley Vox
To the Rescue

Ad Network Delivery

Get surveys directly in front of the external or internal audience you need, quickly and inexpensively. Our system combines social media and content ad network distribution to reach the desired demographic and location specific survey audience, and all you have to do is let us know the questions you want to ask!

Open Text Surveys

We maximize responses by using text fields. This allows us to gain nuance on answers as respondents can elaborate in much greater detail than on multiple choice or 0-10 scale questions. We're also able to tell just as much with this format by what people don't mention, word combinations used, and the sentiment of their responses.

AI Analytics

Using text questions in our surveys lets us apply the latest in Natural Language processing techniques to provide all the normal metrics you would expect from feedback surveys, with a host of additional data points that can be gathered by looking at the words people use. In a way that gets better with each survey.
Partner with Us
To Solve Your Problem
While our ParleyVox application is in a Closed Beta currently, we are very interested in pilots and design partnerships with cities and businesses interested in solutions to issues they have engaging large groups of people, or subsets of their audience. The size of the problem you have is less of a concern than the ability to work with staff and stakeholders directly to cooperatively develop a solution that exactly meets your needs.


If this is something that would be of interest for you, or you’re just interested in finding out how we could apply our existing solutions to your organization, please fill out the contact form and we’ll be in touch!