Don't just broadcast, Have
Intelligent Conversations
Whether you realize it or not you have everything that you need to connect with your constituents individually in a meaningful way. Historically doing so has just required too many staff hours to make sense, and the massive amount of useful data flowing into your city every day is hard to access across numerous departments and unconnected systems.


The technology to automate repetitive communication tasks, while intelligently combining and enriching the data you collect to create valuable insights, already exists. Let us show you how it can make your job easier.

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Preemptively inform constituents about issues that will effect them. Go from being reactive about issues to actively communicating how you're making things better.


Don't make decisions in the dark or based on input of parties with an agenda. Use the data your organization generates anyway to always know the right course of action.


Easily interact with individual or groups of contacts using the communication method that each of them prefer. Greatly increasing the chance they'll get the information you need them to have.


Share insights across departmental silos, and ensure that when key team members leave they don't take your entire knowledge base with them.
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The Clock is ticking

Time Sensitive

Quickly find out who's affected as issues develop and reach out proactively instead of reactively.
Talk Everywhere

Cross Channel

Parley helps make it easy to keep track of conversations where your constituents want to have them.
Find the right people


Quickly find those most likely to be interested in or concerned by initiatives.
Where matters

Location Aware

Engagement can depend heavily on location, Parley manages updates automatically.
Examine what's next


Use the data you collect now to see what's coming in the future.
Focus on


Drive engagement by going directly to people with what they care about.