Parley AI LLC takes your privacy seriously. This privacy policy is specific to the ParleyAI.com website. Other properties and data networks outside of the ParleyAI.com website will be governed by their own Privacy Policies.

In order to keep this policy relevant, maintain our commitment to governance that values user privacy, and provide a high level of transparency about how we use data in service to our mission of connecting cities and businesses to the needs and desires of their valued customers and constituents. We will from time to time update this privacy policy to reflect changes in our service.


Through our ParleyAI.com website contact form, Parley collects the information you choose to share with us through the form you submit.

We use Cookies and similar technology to facilitate account management and data integrity. These cookies will periodically expire. It is not necessary for you to login or create an account to use this website.


Usage information for your account is only used as a means of ensure that our website is functioning as intended, and for security purposes. We track logins, and while logged into the site or browsing anonymously your session might be actively monitored or recorded. This monitoring and recording cannot observe what you enter into fields, but can see how you scroll through and navigate the website in order to see problems with our interface or functionality errors. This data is stored until reviewed and then deleted.


In some instances by the nature of working with a third party vendor, sharing some user usage information is unavoidable. These vendors, their services, and the information they will have access to includes:

Facebook: We utilize facebook’s pixel to monitor effectiveness of advertising of surveys on their network. They have access to information about when you click on an ad and come to our site.

Lucky Orange: We use this vendor to provide quality assurance monitoring and usage statistics. They have access to information about how you are using the site.

Google Analytics: We use Google Analytics for usage statistics and some high level behavior monitoring. They will know when you have visited a page, when you navigate between pages, and tagged events from some actions taken on a page.


If you have questions about this privacy policy, the Parley mission, or how to improve your community through proactive engagement you can reach us by filling out the contact form on the main page of our website.